Welcome to BIDSDAY. This section contains the terms and conditions required for your participation in our live auctions. By using our services, you are in agreement with our terms and conditions. You are requested to go through all the terms and conditions and ensure that you are in agreement with them before you use our website. By doing this, you are also acknowledging that BIDSDAY might change these Terms and Conditions at any time if need be. You are therefore advised to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These terms and conditions help us govern the use of our website including all transactions and the use of our services. Once you accept our terms and conditions, the agreement becomes legally binding between you, BIDSDAY and its affiliates.

Terms Used.

In the following Terms and Conditions, you will come across the following terms:

Users Liability

The user will be held responsible by BIDSDAY for the breaching of any of our terms and conditions and incur expenses as a result.

Use of Material and Information

BIDSDAY prohibits the misuse of any of the content of our website or our systems. The unauthorized access of passwords, information or our system will be considered as a criminal activity. BIDSDAY will be responsible for deciding which services you are eligible for. BIDSDAY is also responsible for any changes to the information or material in our website.

User’s Information

BIDSDAY uses your personal information to:

BIDSDAY can only share your personal information in the following events:

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you hereby acknowledge that the internet communications and transactions are not a hundred percent safe or without error.


BIDSDAY holds intellectual property rights to all the materials in our website including but not limited to: logos, graphics, videos, names and illustrations. The user is allowed to view and download or transfer to an external disk any of our material. However the use of any of our materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and illegal. The user must indicate BIDSDAY copyright notice in case you wish to reproduce any of our material. The use of any of BIDSDAY intellectual properties, for any reasons whatsoever, has to be with our written consent only.

No Warranty

BIDSDAY provides all the information on this website ‘as is’. This means thatBIDSDAY will not be held accountable for any omissions, errors and incompleteness of any of our materials or information. BIDSDAY does not warrant that the use of this website, or any of our materials or information will be free from errors or that the errors will be fixed in a timely manner .BIDSDAY does not warrant that the use of our website will always be secure and free from viruses, delays and other destructive properties. The user can download any of our material at their own risk and BIDSDAY will not be held accountable for any damages or dangers that the use may experience while using any of our materials.

The user is solely responsible for assessing the value and quality of all the content in our website. The user should not consider the materials and information in our website as solicitation to make investments, and the user is welcomed to seek professional advice if need be to verify the value of our services.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

BIDSDAY may review and change these Terms and Conditions, at our discretion without notifying our users. At the time of use of our website, the user is considered to be in agreement with the current version of our Terms and Conditions.

Legal Capacity

By using our website, the user guarantees BIDSDAY that you have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding agreements, and is therefore held responsible by these terms and conditions. Minors are required to seek assistance from their guardians before they agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability

The user can access our website at his/her own risk and will be held fully responsible for any risk or lose the user may encounter while using our website .BIDSDAY will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect difficulties or damages in relation to the use of our site. BIDSDAY will not be liable in the case that:


The user agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless BIDSDAY against any claims, actions, liabilities, costs or demands including without limitation legal and accounting fee, for all damages directly or indirectly resulting from your, or you under another person’s authority including without limitation to governmental agencies, use. misuse, or inability to use the site or any of the materials contained therein, or your breach of any of the terms and conditions or any intellectual property right or proprietary right infringement claim made by a third party against BIDSDAY in connection with your use of our website. BIDSDAY will notify the user of any such claim or suit, and the user shall be responsible for its defense.

Force Majeure

BIDSDAY will not be liable for any inconveniences to the user caused by natural disasters, political instability or any other external factors that are beyond our control.

Non-Waiver Agreement

In the case that a court of law finds any part of our Terms and Conditions to be invalid, only that part will be considered null. The remaining parts of our Terms and Conditions will continue being effective and legally binding.

Closing you Account

BIDSDAY has the legal right to suspend or ban a user’s account in case that the user has violated our terms and conditions. This can also be as a result of a user violating the rights of BIDSDAY.


The terms and Conditions of our site and any matters that may result out of them are to be construed in accordance to the law excluding any conflict of law provisions. With the user agreeing to the terms and conditions, you thereby give consent to exclusive jurisdiction of the court in all disagreements resulting from the use of our site.